Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10 – just 5 Euros in August

Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10 is presently two thirds of the way through its ‘August Special’ period.  Sold in the past as a single car and track base with a number of upgrade packs, the August Special now offers a feature-complete bundle of three tracks and three cars for those 5 Euros.

Nothing has changed in terms of content or game modes and Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10 remains one for hot-lappers.  Though Virtual Academy is otherwise a standalone package, it does also need an Internet connection for licensing authorisation and data exchange.


Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10 includes the 458

Beginning with two locations long associated with Ferrari as testing and exhibition tracks, Fiorano and Mugello, the tarmac collection rounds off with the famous Formula One course of Germany’s Eifel region soon to celebrate a thirtieth year in its Großer Preis-Strecke form – Nürburgring.  For those that appreciate such things, the circuits are laser-scanned models with the little bumps and notches and architectural details served up as well they’re going to be for something of this age.


Fancy driving a 2010 Ferrari F10 for just 5 Euros?

Onto the thoroughbreds of choice, there’s much to negate a frown.  On the F1 side, the default 2010 Ferrari F10 is joined by the Ferrari 150° Italia of 2011.  Reflecting the car specifications of the last few years, the 150° Italia adds the kinetic energy recovery and drag-reduction systems that we more colloquially know as KERS and DRS – modeled right there in Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10.


Ferrari Virtual Academy 2K10 looks good in-car

Would you like something less… prototype?  Something a touch easier to associate with?  If so, the Ferrari 458 Challenge is for you.  A popular choice among the big console hitters such as Forza 4 and Gran Turismo 5, the 458 in any guise would be a candidate for a ‘Favourite Cars’ list of mine – if only I could ever whittle down those cars that I adore to something reasonable!  At least in digital form, the 458 always seems to be one of those cars that screams my favourite game-related word (FUN!); never being too touchy, yet ready to reward daring and respond to fine control.  Give me a long stretch of tarmac and a 458 and I will be happy!

Coming from Ferrari, the 458 of course carries my other oft-mentioned fave aspect too: that mechanical symphony that emanates from beneath the bonnet and tickles ears, mind and heart from the exhausts.  It’s the signature of every vehicle that leaves the factory carrying the Cavallino Rampante shield and it regularly transfers well to games.

A delight through and through!


You can also add the Adrenaline Pack for just 4.90 Euros

For customers that previously bought at the original €15 Euros or an earlier offer price, the Ferrari 150° Italia and Ferrari 458 Challenge are also available separately as part of the Adrenaline Pack.  This will add the Nürburgring and Mugello tracks too and is now sold for €4.90, about half of its original price.  The complete package was €19.90 at first, so this month’s ‘special’ looks particularly keen on the price front.  Before buying, just note again that Virtual Academy is nothing more than you, a stopwatch, the car and the track.  After the leaderboards, there’s no direct competition of any kind – neither in AI form nor via on-line or network modes.

The available game and car settings are minimal too.  Hey, it keeps it pure!  Along with a racing line, traction, braking and gear assistance is available in the training mode but it’s a level playing field when driving for time classification.  Find one of the four car settings options that meets your style and then DRIVE!

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