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Aston Martin DBR9 coming to iRacing

The Aston Martin DBR9 is coming to iRacing. Not much has been revealed about the arrival date, beyond this final render being shared. But it looks good and has already has a positive response. It follows the … [Read More...]

The Renault 5 Turbo won the V1 Gaming 80's TCC Class C title

Awards, Trophies and TV for ORD

The ORD team has had a few reasons to celebrate recently, and it's beyond time we shared them. First up, we entered the 2015 National UK Blog Awards a while ago. And ended up Highly Commended in the Automotive … [Read More...]

Project CARS Career Trailer onlineracedriver ORD

Project CARS is ‘Gold’!

#ffd700 Aurum, 79Au, #ffd700... gold! As previewed by Slightly Mad Studios' Creative Director, Andy Tudor, in a tweet last week, Project CARS has reached the … [Read More...]

Project CARS Alpine A450 Silverstone National onlineracedriver ORD

Project CARS Alpine A450 at Silverstone

It's a busy racing weekend in the real world. From four wheels to two, following Formula One in Shanghai and IndyCar with the new Grand Prix of Louisiana to MotoGP and the beginning of the MotoAmerica series at … [Read More...]

Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious onlineracedriver ORD

Forza Horizon 2: Fast & Furious Part 1

Ben's been making a fantastic contribution to OnlineRaceDriver and ResCars since he joined us last year. After a hardware failure a few months ago, he once again has a recording set up and we're pleased to say that … [Read More...]


Forza Horizon 2 Furious 7 Car Gallery

If you haven't downloaded the Fast & Furious car pack for Forza Horizon 2 for free, you need to hurry up and get it done before April 10th, 2015, after which it will cost you. The pack includes 10 cars, 1,000 … [Read More...]

Ride PC Demo Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R First-Person Preview a onlineracedriver ORD

Ride: On-Board PC Demo Preview

Before extending to more comprehensive Ride video coverage, we're uploading a set of brief previews. Starting off the series, we have an on-board mode. Ride … [Read More...]

Project CARS Formula B Hockenheim 078 An Eye for Detail PREVIEW 01 onlineracedriver ORD

Project CARS: An Eye for Detail Preview

In preparation for recording new Project CARS footage last night, we had a short session at the wheel of Slightly Mad Studios' soon-to-be released sim. Even the time running a couple of hot laps in one of this … [Read More...]

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