Gran Turismo 5 – the best key cars to own

Like Jungle, Gran Turismo 5 is massive.

Because it’s so big and there are over a thousand cars to choose from, it’s pretty easy to waste valuable time and effort buying and tuning cars that aren’t quite up to scratch. There are many specific cars that must be bought and won along the way to GT5 glory, but these are the five that I think are the most useful, how much they cost, how you can get hold of them and why they are so great. First up…

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo / Subaru Impreza

Cost: 30,000

Ok, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but a good Evo or Scooby will see you right for a long time. Whack some dirt and snow tires on them, add the torque-adjusting 4WD attachments, and hey presto – you’ve got yourself a multi-purpose road/rally car that drives like a dream and doesn’t cost the earth. Also, pick the Lancer Evolution IX GSR ’05 RM or Impreza Sedan WRX STI Spec C Type RA ’05 and you can race-modify them in the ‘GT Auto’ garage, making them look extra-cool and saving you a bundle of credits in terms of tuning upgrades.

2. Nissan GTR ‘07

Cost: 77,700

The GTR ’07 is one of far too many Nissans in the game and is thus easy to overlook. But what the GTR ’07 has over the others is its wonderful stability, even after ridiculous tuning upgrades which can double horsepower levels to over 800. The GTR ’07 also has some very funky alloys available for it, which makes it a good-looking sound buy early on that will continue to reap benefits throughout the game, especially as a overpowered easy-handling car for your fledgling B-Spec drivers to cope with.

3. Corvette ZR1 (C6) ‘09

Cost: 185,000

We’re stepping up a gear now. Not the best-looking car in the game, but the ZR1 can be race-modified in the ‘GT Auto’ garage and, rather like a superhero, transforms itself from an oversteering, dodgy-looking American muscle car to a rather more finely balanced, slightly-better-looking racing monster. Not the outright fastest car in the game by an means, but it’s more than quick enough to win all the important oval races and muscle car championships that can otherwise be a struggle in the ‘Professional’ and ‘Expert’ series. A must-have.

4. Toyota Minolta 88CV

Cost: N/A

The Toyota 88C is a rogue in this list because of it is generally unavailable to buy. It’s not in the dealership, and it won’t pop up in the used car section either. You can only obtain it by winning the A-Spec ‘Like the Wind’ series (level 21 – which you will win using the Corvette ZR1 mentioned above) but once you do obtain one, it opens up the proper ‘GT’ sections of the game. Without the Minolta, you’d have to save up around 5,000,000 credits to buy yourself a proper ‘Le Mans’ car and the 88-CV can be used to win many, many A-Spec and B-Spec races without too much hassle.

5. Formula Gran Turismo

Cost: 5,000,000

The FGT is a fictional car, but one essential for progression in GT5. Essentially a Formula One car in all but name, the FGT will outperform every other car in the game with the exception of the equally-fictional Red Bull X2010. It is only required specifically for the FGT series at level 23, but this supercar will win you any event you stick it in and is a godsend for B-Spec when you just want to leave it running in the background while you pop off and do something more interesting. It’s expensive, but will pay for itself in the long run.

I hope that’s been useful. It’s also worth telling you that ‘garbuckle’ over has created a rather brilliant Gran Turismo ‘Matrix’ PDF file (which you can find here) detailing all of the game’s events, cars, trophies and their related credit and experience values. It’s a bit of a spreadsheet but is the most comprehensive guide to the game and its content that I’ve seen to date.


  1. Jake says

    Good guide helped a lot and just to say the red bull X2010 is not a fictional car the makers of GT5 asked red bull the F1 team to make the fastest best car they could and they did

  2. George says

    FGT isn’t the X2010. Formula Gran Turismo is a formula one, not the X2010 (which is a formula one prototype) X2010 can be gotten by reaching level 30 and completing the special event or by buying it from the dealership for 20 million credits (Unlocked in the Gran Turismo section at level 30 and cannot be driven A-Spec until level 40.) 20 million is also the money cap, so win it rather than buy it.

  3. George says

    And can also be gotten when you reach level 35 A-Spec. It’s given to you for free.

  4. Ben says

    Great list, BUT… i would add the Dodge Viper ACR, it looks great and when tuned throws out about 950bhp with great handling!!!

  5. Rm says

    So the veyron is crap yes its insanely fast but it handles like a bucket of rocks. The vette is still one of my favorite cars in gt5. The fgt and red bull x1 are cars for crazy people. They might be the fastest and best handling cars in gt5. And if you think ing about the Enzo don’t it’s fast but that’s about it. Get the 458 italia it cheeper then the Enzo handles better and still really fast.

  6. Jared says

    id just like to add on top of the 07 gtr, that everything he said is true, AND i had a superveloce tuned all the way…handling sucked n not as fast as the gtr. i got my gtr up to 226 n the lambo to 211, it helps a lot on straightaways

  7. says

    Thanks for the nice comments guys, am glad the guide has been of help. There are some other excellent cars in the game, but these were the five I found to be ‘essentials’. I should also say that the cars that have given me the most fun online are the DTM touring cars (Opel Astra being my favourite) and the lightweight British cars – Caterham and TVR in particular.

    Jake – Red Bull never actually made the X2010 for real, although it would be awesome if they did.

    Ethan – the Mazda 787B is indeed awesome, definitely one of the top LMP cars available along with the shiny silver Mercedes Sauber C9.


  8. Jubel says

    Brought the bugatti today. Still can’t believe its a french car in the game.. Yes it’s quick. But handles awfully! I wish I saw this earlier because along with the bugatti, I brought the enzo. And then two countachs’ :/ anyone recommend the best mercedes in the game?

  9. B Alex says

    My top 5 (cars I own)
    1) x2010 (beat vettle challenge and won level 35 bspec) own 2
    2) FGT
    3) pescarolo hybrid c60
    4) peugot 908 lms race car
    5) Toyota minolta race car
    A spec 34 / b-spec 36

  10. says

    For the Mercedes question, I use the Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car ‘00… Best car for the German Gran Touring challenge IMHO and good for many other german/european circuits.

    I don’t have the X2010 yet, but I have unlocked the special event for this. I need to pick up a wheel to handle this beast!

    My top 10 cars based on my top lap times on the Top Gear test track are in order:
    1,2 FGT
    3. Minolta Toyota ’88
    4. Veyron 16.4 ’09
    5. Toyota 7 Race Car ’70
    6. Camero SS RM ’10
    7. GT-R V-spec ’09
    8. Zonda ’09
    9. Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM ’09
    10. Ford GT ’05 (Import from PSP)
    11. Castrol Tom’s Supra ’97

  11. Will Collins says

    You guy’s do realize racing isn’t all about horse power right? You can have the best car in the game and still lose because you get so full of yourselves and automatically think your the best cause you spent the most money on a fast car.

  12. Charlie says

    going back to the 458, the enzo is far better, mine with the transmission tuned can easilly achive 268mph with 920bhp+, with the speed up the handling does rock about a bit but i can drift a car quite well!, 787B is awesome, great cornering 240mph tops fantastic, but my favourite under 1 mill is the……….. viper ACR SRT10 or the Ford GT, both super chear and easilly affordable, acceleration is a beast, top speed of viper, i got 297mph drafting behind a veyron and ford can touch 252mph. both great cars, thats just my opinion though

    any more questions add me on PS3 and leave a message, Jamacan_2QuiicK

  13. Phobos says

    Hey, I followed this guide and bought the Corvette ZR1 (C6) ‘09 Cost: 185,000, then an additional 285,000 for the racing modifications. I still came last in the superspeedway race in ride like the wind. So I’ve wasted my entire fund on this piece of garbage! Thanks a bunch, I am absolutely raging!

  14. says

    @Phobos – Sorry to hear you haven’t had success with the CR1, but it’s the car I used to win ‘Like the Wind’ and remember it being fairly straightforward! Make sure you’re running with racing soft tyres and perhaps increase downforce at the front to give yourself maximum handling stability. Also, if you aren’t getting enough top-end speed, lengthen the gear ratios a bit. That should sort you out.

    @Charlie – The Ford GT is lovely, as it is in real life. I got the Gulf-liveried one a while back and have spent more time admiring it than driving. Sexy car.

    @Will Collins – Right on, couldn’t agree with you more Will. Handling is greater than power in racing and always will be. That’s why I dislike the X2010, it”s just not fun to drive. Stresses me out.


  15. Kieran says

    I used the Zonda R 09 with Stage Two engine tuning as I remember, although it may have been the medium or high RPM Turbo, and I used that to win Like the Wind, not all the races, just the championship, then I cleared it up with the FGT when I got it :)

  16. Phobos says

    It really just gets worse. This Corvette constantly spins out of control at the drop of a hat. I cannot open it up, even on straights, as the slightest knock/change of direction has this thing spinning all over the track. The steering is diabolical when going around corners which inevitably leads to more spinning out of control. It handles like a lorry. I am surprised that you walked through the Like The Wind event in this car. On the super speedway track (which is straight forward) I am left for dead by all the other cars in the race within seconds of starting.

    For the sake of my sanity I am using it to win the easier races over and over to rebuild my fund and I will then be buying / race modding a 4WD. I am not even going to try and sell the Corvette as the price I would be offered might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  17. Golightly says

    Zr1 RM is sheist for Like the Wind, you use it for the American Challenge in Extreme, same track, slower cars, bigger payout. LTW requires Group C/LMP cars for an easy win, but the American challenge is more worthwhile until you get the X1 and can finish LTW in 2:40.

    No road-based car is competing with Group C prototypes in real life, save for perhaps the McLaren F1GTR, the game isn’t really any different. I think most people are confusing the two Indy races. With the right tuning and the right opponent starting order LTW -can- be done in the Vette, but it’s more work than it’s worth.

  18. says

    @Phobos – I did Like the Wind with it, but of course you can use whatever you like! I just typed it into YouTube and someone has made this walk-through on how to do it. Hope this helps!… though if you’re still really struggling, I’d do a load of seasonal events and buy the Formula Gran Turismo from the Online Dealership!

  19. says

    @Phobos – I did Like the Wind with it, but of course you can use whatever you like! I just typed it into YouTube and someone has made this walk-through on how to do it. Hope this helps! – though if you’re still really struggling, I’d do a load of seasonal events and buy the Formula Gran Turismo from the Online Dealership!

  20. Ray J. says

    Best cars in the game in my opinion:

    I do have the Red Bull X2010
    FGT will easily carry you through endurance races
    Sauber Mercedes C9 race car
    Toyota 7 is only good for Historic
    Minolta helped with all the extreme events
    ZR1 May be the most well rounded car
    GT by Citroen, is overrated, only looks neat
    Nissan GT-R 07, may have been the best car for the least money, good for lots of races, high horsepower
    Lost of cars i have i still havent raced, and lots more i want

  21. anon says

    id recommend reducing downforce in the like the wind speedway race because the corvette rm has lots of mechanical grip, the downforce only slows it down when accelerating

  22. says

    Havnt played on it in a while, used my lamborghini gallardo on the seasonal events on super cars gt last night. 1st place £473,000. Was easy. Max bhp for race 700. gallardo tuned to 699 bhp.

  23. David Hech says


    Great advice on the Corvette, I did great on the Indy track. really NP.
    It does not work well on the Daytona track, any ideas?

  24. Jordan Humphries says

    Best cars…. Red Bull X2010 Prototype,

    Corvette ZR1 RM ’09,

    GT-R Spec-V ’09 (GT Academy Version),

    370Z (GT Academy Version),

    TS020 GT-ONE RACE CAR ’99,

    & Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09.

  25. JRBurke says

    No one mentioned the Mazda Furai Concept ’08, that is one of my favs, handles like a dream

  26. jnasty says

    i bought the minolta in online dealer ship and then i won it… i was pissed since it wont let you sell either of them

  27. John Lenau says

    Thanks man. Gran turismo isn’t working on my brand new 320 gb ps3 and it is horrible but I can’t wait to try this out

  28. iGebes says

    Just throwing it out there to anyone that is a low level and needs a good car not mentioned. Try the Lexus LFA ’10. It is 375,000 credits maybe around 500,000 tuned. I find it well worth it for the money. But that may just be me, because to me 1,000,000 is pocket change.

  29. Paulo PInto says

    my top ten favorite cars are:

    lamborghini murcielago SV, pagani zonda r, toyota minolta, audi r8 v10, mclaren mp4 12c, ferrari 458 and 599, nissan gtr (over 800 bhp), and the gt by citroen race car

  30. danny says

    I have a few questions.. one is i do own the ZR1 yes its fast handles good BUT HOW can i get the best specs out of it i know there are a few more horses in the engine i want to ” tweak” the engine a little more… so far ive only got it up to 228mph.. 2nd question.. online i know you can race for fun but can you race race for “pinks” … ty c u on the track ….YZF_Ryder6

  31. donald says

    @phobos & danny
    for god sake please read the APEX guide book (if you have one, bundled with your game) and please don’t be lazy enough to open your ZR1 car specs and figure out that your heavily tuned car is capable to go faster even to 480 kph!!!!! – sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I just can’t stand to see some people just don’t do their homework but yet complaining….

    I fully agree with Tom Bowker, I already prove your recipe, nice advise bro

  32. Jdog says

    The reason all you people think these cars suck is because you don’t tune them. The ZR1 RM sticks like glue once you tune it to oversteer less, and the Bugatti Veyron is not too bad once you stop it from understeering.

    Tuning isn’t just changing the top speed on the transmission, either. Fully customizable suspension is NECESSARY and will make a car behave as well as you tell it to.

  33. Thomas says

    @Jdog I know u have to tune ur car to get the best results, and I know how to change ur topspeed. but I don’t understand how to get more grip or how to tune ur dif to get better performence. i’ve tried alot of setups, but they all result in a big fail, so eventualy i just changed all the settings back to default. @Donald i don’t have that APEX book ur talking about, so i can’t look eberything up. some people, like me, just don’t have that book, so don’t immediatly flip out if people don’t know how to do it. and we will never know if nobody tells us. so if someone would just take a little time to explain everything, then i would we really greatfull.

    my top 5 cars are:

    1: Formula Gran Turismo
    2: Pescarola (all three of them)
    3: Toyota Minolta
    4: Pagani Zonda R
    5: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

    sorry for my bad english, i’m not from England, I’m from Holland 😉

    also, if u want to, u can add me on PS3.
    my username is xVisionZz-Fury

  34. Brad says

    *Redbull X2011 Prototype.

    this car is heavenly is B spec mode. and any A spec event you can run it in. Handles beautifully.

    X2010 sucks.
    gran turismo formula car sucks.
    veryron sucks.

    I like the 787B, GT1, R390 all race cars.

    I love mercedes for their handling. that AMG.

    I drift w the racing zr1.


    I hate to admit it but the GT40 is pretty good. as much as I’m a Chev fan >.>

    so yeah.

  35. Joe says

    I find the Viper srt10 ACR to be the car I won most of my races with. I breezed through the Like The Wind series with the viper, it may not be the best at handing but it certainly isn’t the worst and has great acceleration with the right tuning you can win most races with it. At a cost of 100,000 and about 200,000 more for mods I’ve made millions with it.

  36. mee says

    when i first tested the x2010 i just fell in love with it i never lost a race with it and my best top speed with it is 367,8 mph

  37. The daddy says

    Wooooowwww, all of these cars that people mention, not bad, but has anyone thought of something less likely to pop up here?
    My favorite car in all of gt5 is the Audi r8 that you can buy from the Audi dealership. Handling is near perfection and tuned properly, I get this puppy roaring with 868 horsepower!! That bundled with smooth handling and you’ve got a workhorse car ready for any race. I even beat like the wind with it, but it took me nearly 9 tries, it felt soooo good to know this car could handle it. It’s the perfect car, I tuned it for fast speed of 248mph top, and with that it rivals other speed demons with acceleration still. It whoops my pagani zondas @ss and the zonda costed 2 mill! This costed 500 grand. Great car to consider

  38. Aaron says

    hey guys! I know the zr1 is really good, but go to the ‘tuning car’ part of the dealerships and get the amuse s2000 gt1.
    You can just about win all the expert and some of the extreme, to save up for the FGT for it only costs $250,000 for lemans handling and a pp score of (when tuned right) 628.

  39. someguy says

    the nissan GT-R black edition is an amazing car. i used it all the time! until i managed to tune the Nissan GT-R R35 which absolutely rips apart the veyron on the top gear test track by at LEAST 5 seconds.

  40. gt5master says

    The fgt is where its at the red bull car is impossible to go flat out! the peugout 905 prototype racecar is a good car it shifts slow but turns and accelerates like crazy and id take the ford gt over the zr1 for handling

  41. mito says

    i got the zr1 with all the upgrades except for the racing modifications and i beat all the a spec races with it,so learn how to drive HATERS

  42. Alex says

    Hello guys. Jut thought I would put my 2 cents in this discussion…
    For the Daytona Like the Wind race, it is very easy to win.The key is to have the right car. The Mazda Furai, which can be obtained in the B Spec NA Roadster event, can easily win the like the wind on Daytona. just upgrade the car fully, and then change the transmission top speed to 224.
    If you have any other races you would like help on I would be glad to help! Add me on psn at alexk34
    -A spec 40 B spec 40

  43. that guy says

    why would you buy expensive cars that are easily winnable like the minolta, bugatti v 16.4, pagani zonda r
    -come on think people! –

  44. Need Help? says

    Buy the Autobacs Gairaya in the online dealership, put on a spoiler, stage 3 weight, oil change, stage 1 engine, racing Air intake parts, racing exaust parts. limit horsepower so you have 500 pp, go to seasonal events and complete 500 pp events. These pay out 300 grand + per first place win. P.S. its really easy to win the Spec A 500 pp Challenge #1.

  45. mark says

    the best car is the Nissan GTR i bought it for 77 000 puy about 100 000 in to it got it to 788hp and I’ve won every race best all the race cars and super cars got me all the way extreme series

  46. Big Spider says

    Cant believe the 908HDI FAP hasnt got a mention, can tank round ‘most any track and with a good driver destroys idiots in x2010/11’s.also its a beaut to look at Matmut or Total.

  47. Timothy says

    alright, probably the most important car for progression on a new file would have to be the Buick Special, you can win it in the amateur classic muscle car series. all you have to do to get it is have a decent muscle car with good top speed to win 1 simple race; after that you will be rewarded with the sleeper, buick special. this wil win many many races and when fully modified can easily outrun computer ENZO’s, SRT’s, Z06’s , ZR1’s and even Veryons on the Daytona 500(whcih rewards a good amount of money for low levels ). tune the special and it performs phenomenal. if im not mistaken the special hp can get up to 850hp and is the biggest sleeper in the entire game…. the buick special is the foundation to my gt5 career. (just get an oil change and its pro).
    the BUICK SPECIAL is a very key car to own

  48. Roger says

    I think the most useful car is the Buick Special. I won it at Classic Muscle Car Championship using fully tuned Dodge Challenger R/T ’70. I fully tuned the Buick Special until it has more than 850 hp (I got “Loony Tune” trophy for that). With that very car I then won Supercar Nostalgia (getting the prize of Dome Zero Concept that will be useful in Japanese Classics), Muscle Car Championship, Supercar Festival, Gran Turismo World Championship, and Tuned Car Championship.

    The second most useful car is the Honda Mugen Motul Civic ’87 (prize for winning Clubman Cup). I used it to win World Compact Car Race, FF Challenge, and Japanese 80s Challenge.

    For starting the game, it is important to win the basic licenses, such as B, A, IC, and IB so we get free cars and money. I got only brown for all of those licenses, and those gave me the required cars to progress.

    To get money, I also tried some special events. I won gold for all of the kart racing and got almot 100,000 cr.

  49. Ben says

    The Toyota 7 Race Car ’70 is one of my favorite cars to drive, the handling is immense, and it is nearly as fast and maneuverable as the F1s. A seriously good car, especially when won.

    Also, the Jaguar xj13 is a Beast of a car. Looks absolutely beautiful, and has enough power to out race almost all other cars in the game. Same deal with the Miura, GT40, and the Mach IV.

    Finally, the F40 kills. It may be a car that you get for the heck of it, but it is the greatest to take around the corners sideways and you have to love the looks. So what if its 450,000 grand, i still drive it more than any car that i have, and that includes the FGT, F2007, F2010, and the X2010.

  50. Draconian says

    ive looked at these posts… and a select few of you know what your talking about. but most of you dont know crap about tuning in gt. wow a car that doesnt have good handling? untrue. every car can be MADE to ahve goodhandling in gran turismo. when you buy sport mod or higher you can customize the suspension you can also change sensitivity and other options in the controls menu before a race…… the thing is there are 3 different profiles for a reason. you have one set up for endurance, one set up for top speed and one set up for max acceleration/handling………….. good lord i wish i could race you guys online. im not the best racer in the world in this game but apparently if you cant learn to handle any car in the game you have a long way to go. a very very long way if you even get there. also looking up guides to tune cars is crap. dont do what other people do most likly they spent 10 minutes found a good speed they were happy with and posted it somewhere to brag. i havent gotten the redbull yet but i use the Jaguar XJR-9 LM Race Car ’88 i spent about 6 hours tuning it. it reaches a top speed of 288.9 mph alot faster then some of the red bull proto setups ive seen. so that just leads me to wonder how fast i can get the red bull. also speed isnt the only thing that wins a race. stategy and knowing the limitations of your car are almost more important than speed. tweak a gear… not all gears. teak a single gear for people who may not know good gear ratios, but i dont really know gear setups for most race cars let alone cars but i played alot of gt1 and gt2 on the ps1. but each time you tweak a single gear go test it. say second gear hits a lil too early for your taste so you would go tweak it to maybe hit 130 mph compared to 125 mph at upshift. now once you see if the acceleration is unchanged during the shift you can try to push more out of that gear. thats just the simple version of the hours of gear tweaking i do…. half my time in this game is tweaking the cars to be the biggest and baddest beasts in the game…. if you only spend 10 minutes tweaking a car you are lying to yourself by thinkiing that thats the best it can go. also suspension tweaks can raise your top speed to. but ill let you figure that one out by yourself. i guarentee you if you give me a car that you drive i can get the car and tweak it out better than almost every one of you.

  51. Draconian says

    oh also in case your wondering the horsepower of my car fluctuates between 1010 and 1017 hp depending on my setup.

  52. mercedes says

    draconian there is one car that has bad handling no matter what. the dealership mercedes c63 amg

  53. says

    I was looking for new cars to buy (as opposed to used) and came across this thread. I see the Audi R8 ’01 only once on this list but I wouldn’t be sitting on 20 million credits all the time without it. Running the B-Spec Seasonal 3 with the Audi gets me a million credits every 20 minutes or so. Plus, as the other poster said, the car handles like a dream, better than the ’10 in my opinion, and my drivers can all win with it without much or any coaching. It’s the best grinder I’ve had yet.

  54. me says

    add the GT by citroen race car it is an amazing car and makes the tricky 650 pp special event races rely easy and you can easily make the 5.6m back in a few races

  55. Marek says

    Your missing a car or 2 which are possibly the most 2 useful, the viper SRT and the original viper, i bought the original as soon as i could, modified it abit, then got the SRT when i could, and basicaly those r the only 2 cars i have used up until lvl24, now they struggle but 20 levels-2 cars….. not bad

  56. Splosionz says

    just saying, to all the people doubting the x2010/x2011, THEY ARE TERRIBLE UNTIL YOU ADJUST THE AERO TO FULL. As standard they are at a fraction of their potential. Try this, and have fun halving your laptimes :)

    Listen to what Draconian says, time and testing are the keys to success.

    In the way of normal cars, most normal nissans are overpowered when tuned, especially considering their relatively low prices. The most fun car to race with is i think the 111R Lotus Elise (Race Tuned). This is probably because I drive clutch/h shifter G27 wheel with no traction control/ABS.

    A Spec : 37

  57. platoonof1 says


  58. Tyris Bowen says

    i didn’t buy the bugatti, just win the gran turismo world championship, and if you get soft racing tires, plus fully upgrade the chassis then the handling becomes pretty good

  59. Jacob says

    I have 66 cars and my favorite cars are the Viper SRT10 ACR,CUDA, and the my 08 challenger dont take my word unless you are a mopar funatic. i like my cars tuned to the max i judge them by how fast they go in a streight line and how much the tires smoke when i burnout if you have the same 1970 drag style point of veiw on cars go with any of the vipers. if u like big tune ups then get the srt10 ACR mines putting out 1030 from its original 600

  60. Johnzer says

    Have to say I love my Skyline G-TR when I started the game and the Bugatti Veyron when I won it and today I purchased an Audi RS6 (oh boys is that quick)!!

  61. TheManWithAPlan says

    My 2 favorite road cars are definitely the Viper ACR and the Audi R8. Viper has 1031 hp and about 900 ft/lbs of torque. With a bad acceleration tune I can get it to about 380mph on that test track. Normally though I have it tuned to top out at 215, and then the acceleration gets amazing. With the right suspension tune you can extremely good handling, and you can handle it a lot better if you turn off all the settings like ABS and skid force recovery. The weight is down to 1257 kg which is about 50 kg less than the Audi R8. The R8 handles amazingly, and with about 890 hp it still has a ton of power. They’re both awesome cars, especially when tuned right.

  62. qwerty says

    jakes right. if u read the description of the red bull it says that the car was banned after one race due to its performance, so it is in fact a real car.

  63. Anonymous says

    qwerty, that ‘banned from one race’ line isn’t talking about the X2010, it’s talking about a different vacuum car that was built previously

  64. Nigel says

    @Ben: if you tune the Viper ACR properly, it will eat up the corners, and it will handle the 1000+hp with ease

  65. says

    list of my top ten cars

    1) fgt
    2)cr1 rm
    3)chapparel 2j race car
    6)gtr ’07 rm
    7)delta s4 rally car
    8)xanavi nismo

  66. says

    All of the cars you guys have mentioned are very good but you are all forgetting one ca r an d that car is the xanavi Nissan nismo

  67. Kevin says

    Its al about the tires people al about the tires
    Corvette zr6 with race medium tires and you can open it up in corners

  68. Chris says

    I personally like the ZR1. I dont know why you guys are having so much trouble with it. I usually finish LTW 1 lap ahead of everyone and doing all 5 laps in 3:50.

  69. Joshua says

    Buy the Nissan GTR ’07. Upgrade everything to max and buy fully costumize transmission. Search on youtube for the best set-up. One of the smoothest handling. It got mad acceleration, reaching top speeds (I Set mine to 350 KM/H) in short time. When fully upgraded reaches about 900 hp. It looks cool if you equip carbon hood and spoiler. Try it, it won’t ever disappoint you.

  70. ray says

    i really go for the veyron with 1257hp it is really dump in handlying but great in the straights……….. but my favourite car has to be the viper srt1o
    If you are want your car with more hp please change oil and make sure all your drivetrain are upgraded
    I am level 40 trustme

  71. ray says

    How to get mad colours in GT5
    Well all you have to do is go to the TVR dealership and go to Cerbera speed 6 and you might find some awesome paint jobs………………. my favourite reflex spice

  72. rob says

    I wish i learned about the zr1 i bought the viper tuned it up and didnt know about race mod and ended up buying the zr1 and race modding it after wasting money anyway i got the minolta and i love that car i guess now i just want to get the f1 and redballs car i wish i could get 1200hp out of a nsx though acura 4 life

  73. Soopa-Dave says

    For those who want a great starter, the little neon srt-4 that is widely availible in the used dealship is generally only $13000. Completed over 24% of the game without using another car. Highly upgradable car.

  74. Grant and phil says

    Is it just me … Or do all the cars just drive the same (Barr the power) when they are tuned up the the max … After all the tyres are the same… Suspension and exhaust are the same … Drivetrain and intake is the same etc etc …

  75. jesse says

    the Minolta 88cv does pop up in the Used Car Dealership but runs around 1.47 million and after upgrading and oil change it can have over 1200hp while the one you win will only be about 1040hp after upgrading

  76. shakeysugar says

    I got the corvette ZR1 as suggested, and to those having difficulty with “like the wind”, get racing soft tyres, buy everything you can to increase BHP/ reduce weight in the parts shop, and you will be in first place halfway through the first lap of Daytona. trust me, I’m terrible at this game :L

  77. mad man says

    Awesome list!!!! Wold like to add the spec for the ZR 1 for like the wind aero front 35 aero back 35 transmission top speed 249 traction control off everything else set to default also like to add after you buy racing modifications you still need to hit the garge .easily hit 242mph on like the wind thanks again

  78. Zack Attack says

    Hi all, I just want to say the only thing I’m complaining about has nothing to do with any of the cars, but the fact that they took out the online component right about the same time I got this game as well as a ps3!!! Yea I was trying to adjust to the ps3 and by the time I finally got used to it and everything, and was ready to start playing gt5 xl for real, I couldn’t do any online components of the game; grrrr!!! I could have used that online support cause this is much harder than gt3 was on the ps2…

  79. Aaryan says

    iam on lvl 13 nd i have bought a Chevrolet Camaro SS ’10 for 35,000 credits nd its fast enough for the professional level..i’ve made following modifications to it..Try it:-

    1.upgraded engine fully and bought a sports ECU chip.
    2.upgraded air filter for 450.
    3.bought a turbocharger.
    4.bought racing soft tyres.(essential for grip)

    Note:if you do not buy racing soft tyres then it will be hard to drive the car because it will slip on the turns..


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