Gran Turismo 5 voted Racing Game of the Year at Golden Joysticks

Gran Turismo 5 was awarded Racing Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick awards on Friday, in a year which saw a record number of votes cast by the gaming public, with 2.06 million votes setting a new Guiness World Record for a videogame awards. Obviously Forza Motorsport 4 wasn't in the running, but to claim the award, GT5 still beat nominees including DiRT 3, F1 2010, … [Read more...]

Codemasters Dirt 3 review – 4/5


As fans of my work will know (hello mum), I was a big fan of the original Dirt, but less so of it's sequel. So here's the difficult third album - it has to keep the original 'rally' fans happy and still appeal to the slick, polished Americanised variety showcase that was Dirt 2. And I’m pleased to say it generally straddles the delicate balance between the two quite … [Read more...]

DiRT 3 racing seat from Playseats

Playseat Dirt 3 seat

The DiRT 3 racing seat has been announced, with styling modelled on real rally cars, and complete with head stabilizers, plus some other additions above Playseat's flagship Evolution model. The seat is compatible with all digital driving wheels supported by DiRT 3, with a robust and stable metal frame. It has a folding mechanism with a fully adjustable frame for height, … [Read more...]

No Dirt 3 multiplayer for PS3 owners thanks to PSN problems

Dirt 3 is now available and has been getting a favourable response from reviewers and gamers - but Playstation 3 owners won't be enjoying online multiplayer until the Playstation Store is back online, hopefully by the end of May. In order to compete in the multiplayer mode, you'll need to redeem a VIP pass included with the game. Not a problem for Xbox 360 or PC owners, but … [Read more...]

Grab a friend and get your console covered in Dirt

Dirt 3 screenshot Battersea Event

The Colin McRae name may have disappeared from the box, but Codemasters’ rally series is coming back with a bang. After the critical acclaim of Dirt 1 and the lukewarm reception for Dirt 2, the arrival of the third Dirt game on May 24th is a make-or-break moment for the series that debuted back in 1998. This is now the eighth in the ‘Colin McRae Rally’ series, barring the bonus … [Read more...]